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"I am all mouth, with teeth like kindling.
Do not kiss me before you know this.”

"I am not a place for cowards."

- Caitlyn Siehl

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Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, remember longer and, as I say, get sadder younger than anyone else in the world. I know, for I’m one of them.

— Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury

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todo me lleva a ti
como si todo lo que existe
aromas, luz, metales,
fueran pequeños barcos que navegan
hacia las islas tuyas que me aguardan

-Pablo Neruda, Si tu me olvidas

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ikea, march 2014 by leonorvalente on Flickr.

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The Grange by margot.trudell on Flickr.

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Love yourself down to the bone, down to the roof of your mouth. Leave no stone unturned, no cell unwanted. Love down to the blood no matter how fast it boils.
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My eyelids are heavy,
but my thoughts are heavier.
by Unknown (via insanity-and-vanity)
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Tattoo by Alex Bawn

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